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It’s no secret the global economy is struggling right now. As an investor it can be hard to know where to put your money.
South Africa is slowly grinding through recession…
China, the world’s ‘growth engine’, is stuttering to a halt…
Brexit has pushed the remains of the Eurozone to breaking point…
And Donald Trump’s shock rise to the presidency has red-flagged the world’s largest economy — the United States.
You’ve caught glimpses of the havoc these factors are having on global financial markets…
Flash crashes on the Dow Jones Index…JSE up half a percent one day, down three the next…Chinese stocks plunging more than 50% in the space of a single month...
Market turbulence has cranked up to 11.
But this is nothing compared to what I see unfolding over the next 12 months. And that’s good news for you…
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For example...
We picked PSG Holdings  on 20 June 2017.
We sent full details on why we thought it was a buy -  and just five weeks later, it’s already up 10.5%
And at the time of publication of this report, we sent an email notifying readers to buy RMI Holdings on 6 June -  and 8 weeks later, it’s up 7.56%

Price as of 2017/07/27

So you can quickly see these stock move and they move fast, so you have to be ready to act quickly and get in fast, so that you will be ready to close out double digit gains when they come
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Now, I’m not saying we always get it right or that we churn out massive winners every day of the week.
We don’t. Some of the stocks we tip do go backwards. And you’ll be keyed into the risks of every stock tip.
My point is: I don’t think you’d get near life-changing opportunities like these by entrusting your future with a broker or financial adviser.
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How do I know?
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You’ve also gotten to know my thoughts on where the local economy is doesn’t look pretty.
The basket case South African economy…the sky high consumer debt.
All these converging factors are leading us down a dangerous path. Look, you can either sit back and watch your wealth erode, or you could profit from the madness.
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A potential triple-digit services sector play

Recently, Head Investment Analyst who publishes our firm's R1,270 per year newsletter, called Real Wealth, found an incredible situation in the services sector.

It has a legitimate shot at returning over hundred percent to investors over the next few years.

A report titled, “Smart Water Metering Market”, forecasts that the prepaid water-metering market will grow by 10% annually until 2021.

This means, this sector will grow from $3.88 billion to $5.51 Billion by 2021.

There’s a South African company that supplies water management devices in the form of remote communicating electronic water control valves and STS (Standard Transfer Specification Association) prepayment devices.

These systems ensure customers have the best technology available to meet their needs in terms of costs and sustainability by encouraging the responsible usage and protection of water.
In fact, this company already demonstrates a massive global presence in the prepaid water-metering market with business in 90 countries.
The good news, we have identified one South African company that stands to benefit and boost profits from this growth.
Like I said, we believe it has the potential to grow over a hundred percent in the next few years.
The stock is still very early on in the process of exploiting the massive demand for prepaid water meters. But these guys believe it could easily be one of the best investments you ever make.
And here's something else we want to send you as soon as you start your subscription...

This tiny miner’s string of acquisitions could double its
share price in the next year

The company secured a surface tailings project in Australia that will produce 12,000 tonnes of copper. It will sell this copper more than double the price it costs to produce it. So the upside is massive.

Secondly, it has expanded its Dilokong project which has already made R32 million in profit in the last year alone. And there’s more to come. Our small cap expert, Francois Joubert believes it could skyrocket in price in the next year.

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